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The delivery of pharmacy services in the Long Term Care setting demands accuracy; efficiency in cost, time, and distribution, as well as a solid understanding of the range and goals of the care provided to residents. This is the foundation on which Tropicana Pharmacy has established its professional comprehensive pharmacy.


We use automation technology which prepackages each patients medications in easy to use and understandable packets. Most LTC/ALF/ILF patients are managing chronic illnesses and taking multiple medications a day. Our packaging organizes all of a patient's medications by date and time of dose, so it is easy to see all of the medications a patient is taking and when it is time for the next dose. They come in calendar cards or rolls with tear-off packages that are arthritic-approved for easy opening.


We provide outpatients pharmacy services to the following long term care centers:

  • Managed Care Facilities

  • Long Term Care

  • Assisted Living

  • Independent Living Facilities

  • Continuing Care Communities

  • Disabilities and Special Needs

  • Residential Care

  • Hospice

  • Mental Health

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